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Professional Networking group...get connexx!!!

Want to be part of a ONE OF A KIND NETWORKING GROUP where relationships are formed and business happens?? Then check out CONNEXX!!! I have been a member for over one year and the people I have gotten to know and the professional relationships and referrals are second to none! This is perfect for business owners, self-employed professionals and artists alike!! Please use my invite link below to come join us for any of our four weekly online will be glad you did! Opportunity, on the other hand, is a gold mine. We could mandate that you attend a certain number of meetings a week. We could put quotas, even caps (!) on referrals, or kick you out if another member does the same job as you. We shudder to think that networking groups are still operating that way, in this day and age. You’re the boss, you don’t need a new one. You’re successful. You’re likely a business owner, or manage a book of business. We don’t want to give you a new list of obligations - you already have plenty of those. We’d rather give you opportunities. You’ve heard it here before, but remember you heard it here first: The bigger your community, the greater your opportunity. That’s the mantra that helped CONNEXX disrupt traditional networking. Our weekly meetings aren’t an obligation. No, seriously, you really don’t have to attend every week. What’s funny, though, is most of us do, anyway. Because CONNEXX weekly meetings are opportunities, not obligations. When you hop off every call with a new connection made, a 1 on 1 set up for the next day, and a list of burning questions to ask the only other guy in the group who might be a bigger Star Wars nerd than you - it’s exciting. It’s fun. And there’s no one keeping score. We don’t have chapters sprinkled throughout the country. We’re one community. We don’t do stuffy, weekly conference calls where we tally up who closed what business and when. We represent the people behind the profession - because when you like someone, you naturally want to do business for them. It’s just the way opportunity knocks. That’s why, at CONNEXX, we’re breaking down the door. Come on inside!!! CLICK HERE TO CHECK US OUT!!!!